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If you are providing software, hardware, or service solutions to the vacation rental or hospitality market and believe that interfacing with BeHome247 would be useful to your clients, then we want to talk.  Back in 2011 BeHome247 developed the industry’s first real-time property control link allowing HomeAway’s Escapia users the ability to leverage reservation information to control Z-Wave devices in connected properties.  Today, we have a dashboard that resides inside Guest Management Software from Glad to Have You that empowers users to monitor and control their entire collection of properties.  Our API allows the BeHome247 solution to be easily integrated with many standard and custom web, tablet, and mobile applications.

As to what needs to be installed in each property, you have a wide range of choices.  All our current products run on the standard Z-Wave frequency, and the number of controls in any given property can be easily expanded as desired.  See our technology page for a description of what’s physically required. You can simplify life for your customers by combining your features with all the advantages of home automation in one dashboard. You’ll have more attraction to new customers and more power to retain your existing ones. And, you’ll be working with a dynamic company like your own where everyone is motivated to create the best possible customer experience.

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BeHome247 is connected to the largest selection of professionally managed vacation rentals via their partnership with HomeAway Software for Professionalstm.  HomeAway Software for Professionals supplies vacation rental managers with the category leading software to best manage their properties.


As America’s Security Center™ and the World’s Favorite Lock Store™, Gokeyless sells via 24/7 online ordering the best keyless locks, fingerprint locks, and keyless access control systems.  You can now buy complete BeHome247 controlled smart home systems for your individual primary or secondary residences and enjoy for yourself the many features we have developed for professional property managers.


BeHome247 is proud to support Streamline Vacation Rental Software with an integrated home automation system that generates lock codes, sets thermostats prior to arrival, manages pool heaters, turns on porch lights, alerts you to potential disasters, and generally makes turn days easier.  Our Enterprise Property Controltm (EPC) software gives Streamline customers a dashboard for computer or tablet that lets you control all the above with ease for hundreds of properties. And, you can start immediately with our Status Management package and enjoy many benefits as you go about installing smart locks and other devices in your properties. Seamless integration between BeHome247 and Streamline software products makes your job easier and your guest experiences better.


Yale styles itself as “the world’s favorite lock”. Yale is the brand behind locks of every design and function in over 125 countries. As one of the oldest international brands, today’s Yale is among the best-known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide. 

Glad to Have You

Now part of HomeAway, Glad to Have You delivers to vacation home renters its gladPROFESSIONAL™ software that creates a world class guest experience.  You can manage and track reservations more easily through your own custom guest app to provide handy information such as wifi codes, driving directions, contact numbers, trash days and more.


Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of over 250 leading manufacturers and service providers worldwide that are dedicated to interoperable wireless control products based on the Z-Wave open standard. Z-Wave is a key enabling technology driving the “Internet of Things.”


MiOS, LTD., founded in 2008, is a global software and hardware company represented in over 65 countries and focused on developing and distributing advanced control and monitoring solutions for the home and small enterprise markets. MiOS supplies core technology for BeHome247 gateways.

Amazon Web Services

BeHome247 software is hosted by the powerful and reliable network that the leader in e-commerce has made available as Amazon Web Services.