Standard Packages


Secure Access Features

  • Manage all access codes for all homes from one landing page.
  • Create a unique code with alerts for everyone who needs to access a home.
  • Automatically generate and send guest user codes good only during their visits, when they register
  • Add codes globally to all homes with one click
  • Easily create daily, weekly or unrestricted codes.
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely.  No more late night trips to a home because the guest is locked out.
  • Guests can manage access from their phones.
  • Create “property status codes” which notify each person involved that a home is ready for his or her piece of the turn day process.
  • Greatly reduce turn day calls with automatic status update alerts to guests when the home is ready for them.
Energy Saver Features

  • Greatly reduce energy bill.
  • Current temperature is visible on the landing page.
  • Create custom temperature range for a home when it is occupied e.g. 65-72.
  • Create a different temperature range for a unit when it is unoccupied, e.g. 60-80.
  • Create a pre-condition temperature prior to guest arrival, e.g. 72, two hours before guest arrival
  • Automatically reset 1 degree every 5 minutes if guest turns temperature out of preset range
  • Create emergency limits to get notified if temperature ever exceeds that range, e.g. 55-85.