BeHome247 pioneered many advancements in today’s Home Automation industry.  Two innovations are cornerstones in the company’s current technology. First, BeHome247’s user interface is not only applauded for its elegance but is available across leading smartphones, tablets, and PC’s, providing access anytime, anywhere.  Second, for people who are in the business of managing a large group of properties, BeHome247 provides a scalable solution that integrates with the software of industry leaders like HomeAway. This integration allows BeHome247 functionality to take full advantage of realtime information generated from these partners. Whether you own a single home or a small group of properties, or you manage thousands of vacation rental homes, we provide you the ability to stay connected.

BeHome247 always adheres to the latest industry hardware standards that offer the best performance for our customers. At present we favor the Z-Wave standard. You can read the basics on that site and see some very clear diagrams.  The essence is that a “gateway” is connected to your in-home Internet router, and it connects wirelessly with all the Z-Wave devices installed in your home.  Information is sent via the gateway through your Internet connection to your own smart phone or tablet, and you can send commands back to the home to control these devices through that same pathway.

The important value we add is our field-proven software that makes that information useful to you and gives you the tools to act on it. Just as your apps make your smart phone and tablet of real value to you, our software, support, and specialized knowledge are what make Z-Wave devices like locks, thermostats and light switches perform to your commands and alert you to changing conditions in your property.

For property managers of large numbers of vacation rental home we call our software Enterprise Property Controltm. EPC enables these managers to use a single dashboard to monitor their entire inventory of homes, keep them ready at all times for the best possible guest experience, and provide all necessary access for both guests and service personnel.

We invite you to watch the accompanying short video with some of our technology highlights.

The bottom line is this:  You can choose from thousands of Z-Wave devices from hundreds of vendors, but it’s only by assembling them into a system with software intelligence that they become valuable to you.  That’s what we make possible.