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If you are a professional in the business of managing multiple properties for their owners, you face a myriad of operational details, especially during the weekly turns. Houses need to be cleaned and maintained, requiring controlled access for your service personnel. Incoming guests need to be welcomed with their own access privileges and with HVAC preset for comfort. And, when there’s an unoccupied week, you want everything in the home set for energy savings. With BeHome247 you have a dashboard on your tablet that lets you control all of that with ease for hundreds of properties.

Watch the accompanying video to see how our Enterprise Property Controltm (EPC) software in action.

As to what needs to be installed in the homes, you have a wide range of choices. All our products run on the standard Z-Wave frequency, and the number of controls in any given home can be easily expanded as desired. See our technology page for a description of what’s physically required.   We typically recommend access control and/or energy saver bundled packages for new property manager customers; for a quote please download this form and email it to [email protected] or fax to 888-851-6124.

What’s the return?

Property Managers pay an annual fee for usage of the EPC software and for our support. Any equipment required can be purchased from us at the lowest prevailing market prices, and we can arrange for installation at a fixed price or provide support for your own maintenance team if you want to handle this yourself. The necessary skills include installing smart locks, connecting our gateway to the WIFI router, and installing various sensor equipped light switches, thermostats, and other Z-Wave devices.   The returns to you add up quickly. Reduce truck rolls for service, inspection visits, and key management. When there’s a problem, you get notified first so you can handle it the most efficient way.

In most cases you can pass the costs through to your homeowner clients. They’ll get their money back on energy savings alone. And, you will have in hand the tools to provide a better customer experience. You can handle more clients more happily and focus on growing your topline revenue instead of wrangling with operational issues. You’ll have a competitive advantage over other property managers in your region who are not similarly equipped.

Start now. Again, please fill this form for a quote and do the math on the potential. You’ll be convinced.



“The BeHome247 app is truly beneficial to our business.  The fact that we can change check in and check out times quickly from remote locations makes us look like wizards to the clientele, further enhancing our reputation for superior customer service. And, the fact that we have firm control over the comings and goings of all service professionals through temporary passwords has proven to be a great safety and time saving feature for our clients.” — Suzanne Richards, Flint Rock Property Management